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The British Association of Audiovestibular Physicians is a forum for the Specialty of Audiovestibular Medicine. The Association is  open to all doctors practising predominantly in Audiolovestibular Medicine.

Audiovestibular Medicine

Audiovestibular Medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and management of hearing and balance disorders in adults and children. To locate your nearest Audiovestibular Physician, go to "Find an Audiovestibular Physician" under the "Public" section.

57th Hallpike Symposium 2015

The 57th Hallpike Symposium will be held on Friday 16th October 2015, at The Place Hotel, Manchester, M1 2TP.

Paediatric Symposium in the morning, 8.30am registration for 9am start.
Adult Symposium in the afternoon, 1.30pm registration for 2pm start

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The Hallpike Prize is presented by Dr Peter West
to Dr Diego Kaski of Imperial College London, for his work on 
“Vestibular spatial orientation: the link between time and space”

The Hallpike prize was established in 2009, following a kind donation by Dr Jeremy Hallpike, Emeritus Neurologist from Adelaide, Australia, in honour of his father Charles Skinner Hallpike.The prize is awarded annually for the best project of the past 24 month period (research, audit or review of subject) in the area of audiovestibular medicine.

The first winner was Miss Emma Stapleton, ENT Registrar from Sheffield, for her studies carried out in Nepal on the effects of altitude-induced hypoxia and increased intra-cochlear fluid pressure on the healthy human inner ear.

The 2010 winner was Mr Quadeer Arshad, a clinical scientist at the Academic Department of Neuro-Otology, Imperial College London, for his research on "An objective test of otolith function using the ocular counter-roll afterimage device".

The 2011 winner was Dr Peter West, Consultant Audiovestibular Physician at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, for his research entitled "A comparison of the techniques available for identifying peripheral vestibular nystagmus".

The 2012 winner was Mr Mahmood Bhutta for his work on an animal model of otitis media with effusion.  

The 2013 winner was Dr Mitesh Patel, PhD, for his work on " Locomotor adaptation in Meniere's disease and vestibular neuritis patients".

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The BAAP Annual Conference 2016
(17-18 March) 
will once again be hosted by Latimer Place in Chesham.